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In Collaboration with SPENCERZILL & GARAGEFARM

We're doing something... different


After the split of the orb (the Elysium) — a celestial stone that sustains the peace and technological advancement of all the tribes of the land—mayhem is unleashed.

There’s good news and bad news. Good news is, the Elysium can be unified again with “the centrifuge”, the very same device that was used to spilt it. The bad news on the other hand is that the people in possession of the main orb source would rather raise hell than see the unification happen.

Moji, a girl with more brains than physical prowess, takes it upon herself to unify the orb, but the journey she has chosen to embark on is one she might very well not return from.

"... Sometimes it feels like you're fighting for a World that... doesn't even deserve it ..."

- Moji

Our strength alone is limited. With passion alone and no external funding whatsoever, we've managed to create Moji

Our Next Step
We aim to turn Moji into an Animated Feature Film. The story is incredible and we're super eager to bring it to your screens and to your hearts.

We are currently looking for investors and/or producers whom we can work with to breathe life into this vision for Moji

The ways of the old... are for the Old

"When you leave a frog in Water, and raise the temperature gradually...
It will continue to adapt to the heat, until it dies...

In many ways my people have proven to be not so different"

- Moji


We had the help of the incredible Spencerzill and Garagefarm. They helped make Moji what it is today


Making Impossible things Exist


A RenderFarm with Insane functionality and a Heart

Meet The Team

Alexander Shuaibu

Creative Director
Xane Studios

Benjamin Olufemi

Creative Director
Xane Studios

Aneoghena Abokhai

Project Director
Xane Studios


Creative Director

Sidney Esiri

Executive Producer, Voice of Jegga


Voice of Elana

Deola Serah Johnson

Voice of Moji

Adeola Ariyo

Illustrator & Brand Designer

Damilola Adeojo

3D Character Modeller


3D Modeller

Oluwafemi Mark

3D Modeller

Vickie Martins

Storywriter - Spencerzill

Oluwaseyi Ajagbe

Voice Artist

Victory Mba

Storywriter Spencerzill

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